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The Envelope Project

Meet Me At Mike's is a craft shop in Melbourne. I know about them because of the fantastic blogging done by owner Pip. When I get down to Melbourne, this shop is one of the places I intend to seek out first!

I discovered Pip was holding an Envelope Project calling for people from all over Australia and the world to mail in decorated envelopes to display in her shop window I knew I wanted to participate!
I've been super busy of late (thus the quietness on my end) so a couple of hours break with mindless crafting was exactly what I needed.

Meet Me At Mikes Envelope Project

This is what I ended up with. Everything came from my stash, in fact most of it was just me using up the rest of bits and pieces I had. A good reminder on why I hang on to all this stuff!

We were encouraged to fill the envelopes with some interesting things; bits of fabric, papercraft things, paper scraps, etc.

Meet Me At Mikes Envelope Project

Here's what I sent down. Mostly just some leftover scrapbooking stuff I have floating around, a little knit heart and felted rose, that week's grocery shopping list and some really kitchy hankies that were excess in an opshop find.

Simple and oh so satisfying. And the best part about it? Look! A couple of days later and there I am:

A little bit of me hanging up in Melbourne on display. You can see more of the gorgeous submitted envelopes and the whole display on Pip's Flickr Stream.

If you happen to be in Melbourne, go check it out!

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