Kanawinkie (kanawinkie) wrote,

One Small Change: January

Rainy Garden

For my first month of One Small Change, my goal for January is to pay some extra attention to my garden while I have the time. I have been enjoying quite a few surprising successes (as well as a few failures) and my garden is producing nicely right now. I'd like to make it even MORE productive, though, including trying new plants as well as digging in a whole extra veggie bed to fill with yummy things!

I also really want to make sure that I am picking, using and storing what I grow as well; especially with my herbs. In the past I have not been storing as much as I could have and therefore a lot of my plants have gone to "waste".
At the moment this is primarily turning a glut of basil (and I do mean a glut!) into lots of pesto that I have been freezing. I'm sure I'll have lots of tasty pesto-y dishes to enjoy over winter, there's still lots of pesto to make! (and I do love me some pesto. Yum yum yum!)

The one major hitch to my plan at the moment is this endless, heavy rain we've been getting! We're scheduled to get several more days of it yet as well... but I'm hoping soon I'll get a couple of dry days in so I can get this new veggie patch in!

Rainy Garden
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