A want to travel

Weekend Vacation Part 4: Billabong Wildlife Park

From the coast we drove inland through the backroads to the town of Wauchope where they were beginning their Lassiandra Festival. (Lassiandras are a shrub with beautiful purple flowers.) Sadly I did not seem to get any photographs from this; it wasn't quite exciting since we were visiting on a weekday and the main festivities wouldn't really begin until the weekend. But it was nice to see the town all out; lots of street vendours and dressed in purple!

From there we intended to drive into Port Macquarie and visit the Koala Hospital there, instead we ended up at the Billabong Koala and Wildlife Park, which is known for their Koala breeding program.

Billabong Wildlife Reserve

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A want to travel

Weekend Vacation: Part 3 - Smoky Cape Lighthouse

Smoky Cape Lighthouse

After walking through the Gaol, Mum and I headed back onto the roads driving south again. We had planned to try and stay off the main highway as much as possible and instead stick to the winding "Scenic" highways instead; they're not all very clearly marked however, and one wrong turn led us into the beautiful Arakoon and Hat Head State Parks and eventually to the breath-taking Smoky Cape Lighthouse.

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Procrastination abounds.

Excuses, excuses...

So I had everything opened and set up ready for me to start writing catch-up posts...
Then Mum came back from her morning out and asked me if I wanted to take a trip down to Urunga to do a walking circuit we've been meaning to do forever.
Of course I said yes!

It was fun! I wish I wasn't so stuffy headed and sniffly though, I also wish it had been a good deal shorter then the trek turned out to be...

Now I'm still nursing allergies AND aching muscles from two days of long walking.
Blog posts will have to wait until Tuesday.
must get bed..

I'm Alright. Really. Just feeling like a big baby.

Bed Sheets

Sorry for the silence, when I haven't been running around actually doing things ("omg!" I hear you say, and trust me no one is more surprised then me!) I've been spending my time curled up in this little corner of my world nursing what appears to be allergies from hell.

Yes, allergies. Years of teasing the rest of my family about their seasonal allergies has Karma'd me SO HARD.
Nobody told me that all your joints feel like they're on fire though!

But oh... oh the stories I have to share about what I've been up to!... the photographs!
For once I don't actually have anything planned to get done tomorrow, so I am now planning to make a couple blog posts top of my To Do List.
Bellyrubs for World Peace

Requesting some Aid in a Project

Anyone who reads this; I am interested in getting a collection of postcards showing cathedrals for a friend of mine who collects them; I'd like one specifically from Boston but from all over the world as well!

If you don't mind the bother, have the time and are willing to contribute the cost of a postcard and a stamp to Australia I would HIGHLY appreciate it!
Send me an email (Kanawinkie at gmail dot com) and I can give you some more details.

Thanks so much!!
SMEK! Doh! Zeetha

April Meal: Pumpkin Soup

Wait... What day is it again? MAY?! When did May happen?!
April started out and stayed for the most part very warm and mild; definitly not soup weather...
We did manage to snag one cool day which inspired me to get around to the April Meal.
And hear me well, I beg*. After making this soup, I'm sorry I put it off for as long as I did!

April Meal: Pumpkin Soup
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Abandon Hope (silly)

Learning a New Skill

New Crafting Project

A different kind of happy; learning something new! I caved and bought myself this tiny little cheap sewing machine. I have very, very little sewing experience, so it's been a lot of fun trying to figure out a brand new skill! You've got a peek at a project I'm working on at the moment... and those pretty yellow fabrics are destined to be used together in some other project down the line! Now I just need to schedule a day in which I'm actually AT HOME for more then a couple of hours so I can work on them!